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Sat, May. 23rd, 2009, 06:18 pm
Addicted to Kingdom of Welcome Addiction

I love the new IAMX. Nuff said.

Sun, Dec. 7th, 2008, 06:54 pm
music purchases

If you know me you should know that I am a big Die Form fan. I was unsure about the new release "Best of XXX"
I thought it was another compilation but I am pleasantly surprised; Eliane is given a bigger role, especially in the older stuff. Sometimes her voice can come across as forced operatic, but with her new vocal recordings you can tell she is enjoying herself with having more input in the rerecordings of the old songs. I'm loving her involvement in Automatic Love which I have already loved but having her sing on it makes it fun. I just like that it seems she's given freedom to sing; some older songs seem like she was dictated on how exactly she should sing. Plus there's an updated version on the 3rd disk of "Glassphyxie" from Extremum which is my favorite Die Form song. I do like the original better but it's nice to have a reworking of it. Apart from that I've been quite enjoying Camouflage's "Motif Sky" EP, Delphinium Blue's version of Fleetwood Mac's "Sara" and the occasional song by Onetwo.

Mon, Dec. 1st, 2008, 11:02 pm
just a post

One of those nights where I've been feeling overqualified for my job and recently my dad sent me a package of photos and such where he sent me his favorite picture of my mother from 1980 where she really looks like an angel. Also in the the package was the official death certificate. I have so much to make it feel real but this just adds to it. I have been good and not taken out my container of her ashes in a while, but it's just another thing to get through. I find myself wanting to call her to tell her stuff but realise that I can't. I do look forward to my trip in June to Alaska where we will spread her ashes. I hope it will help all of us move on.

Mon, Sep. 22nd, 2008, 11:24 pm
10 year post from Diana

1) How old were you?
THEN: 24
NOW: 34

2) What was your online presence?
THEN: Mostly on IRC
NOW: I'm online but pretty much looking at crap

3) Where did you work?
THEN: Crap ass Benchmark
NOW: Shands Healthcare

4) Where did you live?
THEN: Riverside, CA.
NOW: Gainesville, FL.

5) Who did you live with?
THEN: The Ex
NOW: Brandon and his 2 kitties

6) How was your health?
THEN: A bit underweight
NOW: A normal weight but I don't eat very well

7) What pets did you have?
THEN: None
NOW: Curtis and Ike

8) Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/spouse/S.O.?
THEN: Ugh, Keith
NOW: Brandon

9) Any kids? Any plans for kids?
THEN: Nope
NOW: One of these days

10) What was your worst struggle?
THEN: Getting into school
NOW: Making all my schooling pay off

11) What was your biggest joy?
THEN: I don't know
NOW: Not so much joy this year

12) What did you consider your greatest accomplishment?
THEN: Getting that Benchmark job
NOW: Moving my way up in Shands

13) What advice would you give your younger self?
Don't waste time

14) What would your younger self say to you?
Where is all your black?

15) Looking back, is your life what you thought it would be in 2008?
No, but I decided to change it all up and make a change.

Sat, Aug. 30th, 2008, 12:24 am
the damn letter H from 5arah

Hagen...of the Nina kind
Hamburgers with cheese
Heart (no knocking it)
helium (not the vola kind ;) )
Hurricane Fighter Plane
Hermann Hesse

Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list ten things you LOVE that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

Fri, Aug. 22nd, 2008, 08:20 pm
Tagged by Sarah

1. How has LJ changed your life?
It's given me more to read.

2. What do you do before bedtime?
Brush my teeth

3. What is your favorite meal?
Love pizza, good Chinese and Mexican and love a good Japanese steak house.

4. What is the ONE place you want to go to before you die if you had the money and the time?
Back to Geneva, Switzerland.

5. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

6. What do you do in your free time?
I've been too lazy lately. I need to go biking and possibly see more movies.

7. Do you trust easily?

8. What personal belonging do you have with you everywhere you go?
The phone, the keys and the wallet

9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
Losing my mother

10. What is your best quality?

11. Last book you read?
Sandworms of Dune

12. How do you see yourself?
A bit misunderstood, a bit awkward, a bit stand-offish

13. Do you prefer rain or snow?

14. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
Lupine ;)

15. Poor but loved, or rich but hated?
Poor and loved.

16. How many children do you want?
Not sure if it's ever going to happen, but two

17. What's better; to give or to receive?
Both, giving is nice and receiving from a loved one is nice too (This sounds very sexual, lol)

18. What do you feel about sex without love?
Can't do it.

19. Upload your favorite song of the moment. What do you think of the song that your tagger uploaded?
I'm too lazy to upload anything :)
Not a big Scooter fan. I really like Diorama's "Synthesize Me" and I still have an unhealthy fascination with Portishead's "Machine Gun" but for some reason lately I've had a renewed fascination with Alphaville's "Forever Young"

20. What would you name yourself if you'd been born the opposite gender?
Hmm, Maris or Alia (another Dune reference)

I don't have enough people in my friends list to tag.....

Tue, Aug. 12th, 2008, 08:44 pm
don't know what to say

it's been a while but I needed to write and I know no one reads this so I needed to write something. Today has been 3 weeks since my mother died and less than a week since her birthday. Sometimes I see myself in the mirror and see no light in my eyes. 54 is too young to go; I guess life isn't fair sometimes. Sometimes the finality hits me, sometimes I'm angry and sometimes I just have to make myself go to sleep because I can't cope. I miss her and I can't do anything about it. I don't regret seeing her, but seeing her lifeless body in the funeral home is forever burned in my memory and it haunts me. Please say it gets better.

Sun, Jul. 6th, 2008, 04:20 pm
Haven't posted in forever

I actually managed to go out this weekend. The club was a bit quiet but the DJs played decent music, including my requests. I hate dancing to an empty or almost empty floor but I was drunk enough to not care. Hearing SINA and IAMX made my night. Near the end of the night I was so drunk that I butchered a request for Beborn Beton. I asked for "Another Planet"...maybe I was unconsciously asking for Alien Sex Fiend. Heh. I had fun, but it would have been better if there were more people there. Plus some of the people seemed like they've never seen pointy boots before. Hmm. Maybe I'm too old. I did actually consider going to see Peter Murphy in Jax, but I was unimpressed but the latest Bauhaus offering and Unshattered is not a good showcase of his vocal talents. I still have fond memories of the Holy Smoke tour in 1992 where each song was perfection; I had a blast seeing him then.

Mon, Apr. 9th, 2007, 05:40 pm

I never use this thing anymore. This is my farewell post to LJ and to California. Just over 3 weeks until I leave for Florida. :)

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